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Learning Culture Index

Measure and Boost your Learning Culture

A Pragmatic Tool to
Measure, Monitor and Develop
the Learning Culture of your Organization

A KPI to measure and develop
your Learning Culture

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Embark on a journey to the Learning Company with the Learning Culture Index

Measure and Improve Learning Culture

Identify key levers to improve Learning Culture at the level of the company and at each level of the organization (country, BU, job function)

Promote Informal

Empower employees and bridge skills gap by promoting the use of flexible, continuous and social learning

Boost the Impact of People Development Initiatives

Understand how people learn and grow. Anticipate work environment strengths and issues for the future programs of a target population

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Learning Culture: a KPI to monitor closely


Benefits at all levels of the company

The Learning Culture Index is a unique barometer to monitor learning practices at all levels: from the whole organization to a single team


A benchmark to position yourself

The Learning Culture Index provides a benchmark to let you know where you stand compared to other companies. It makes it easy to monitor the evolution of your Learning Culture and the impact of your actions


A scientific and methodical approach

The Learning Culture Index was not built in one day! We bring you the work of a top team of scientists who have worked for 3 entire years to create this framework.

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Why should you develop your Learning Culture?

10 facts and figures that will show you why you need to start working on your Learning Culture now!
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