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07 Dec 2018

Silver Awards for forMetris

forMetris wins 2 Silver Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards

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19 Nov 2018

forMetris signs partnership with GuyKat

forMetris is happy to announce they have signed a partnership with GuyKat, an important eLearning player in the UK

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09 Oct 2018

Learning impact measurement : get everyone on board !

How do you make sure Learning Measurement benefits all stakeholders to drive better results?

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14 Sep 2018

Rise of a new era in learning evaluation

What does the future look like for Learning Evaluation? forMetris tries to answer this question in this article

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24 Aug 2018

forMetris and Total win Brandon Hall Bronze award

forMetris has been honored with a bronze Brandon Hall award in a joint entry with Total

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21 Feb 2018

4 good practices to fight survey fatigue in learning evaluation

Survey fatigue can be a real problem to collect data for learning evaluation. But there are simple and pragmatic goo ...

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