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Big News: forMetris joins the Docebo family!

We are thrilled to announce that forMetris officially joins Docebo, one of the industry’s fastest growing and most innovative learning technology providers!

Why we are joining forces

For the past year, we have had a close partnership with Docebo, making forMetris available to Docebo customers through native integration. Today we come together and join the family.

Joining forces with Docebo will allow forMetris to open a new chapter of its history by boosting innovation and product development and accelerating its international presence through the Docebo teams present in 5 global offices.

What should you expect if you are a forMetris customer?

There is nothing changing in the immediate future concerning the use of forMetris. Functionally, the forMetris team will officially join the Docebo organization and remain dedicated to your organization’s continued success in learning. Docebo will be evolving the forMetris brand into Docebo Learning Impact. Docebo Learning Impact will become part of a suite of Docebo learning products that will also continue to be available as a standalone solution with your existing learning technology without the purchase of any additional Docebo solutions.

This is only the beginning

Learning technology has proven its ability to help businesses navigate disruption. It is no longer a nice-to-have—it is mission-critical to an organization’s ability to adapt and thrive through change.

We are looking forward to the next few months, as Docebo and forMetris merge as one. Docebo Learning Impact is only the beginning of an exciting journey ahead to make learning a strategic business driver of growth and success.

All the forMetris team is available to answer any question you have. You can connect with your usual contacts.

Read the official press release

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