Evaluate the efficiency of your onboarding process and improve talent management and employee loyalty

  • Evaluate integration program
  • Retain the most talented people
  • Provide tutors with guidance

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The « Onboarding » process includes all the required tasks performed in order to welcome and integrate new employees. Today, implementing an efficient onboarding process provides companies with a key competitive advantage, so crucial are the issues at stake: :

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HR professionals are the first in line to tackle this corporate challenge: Learning & Development officers and managers, recruitment specialists, internship and apprenticeship dedicated teams, talent managers, HR development executives, directors of internal communication are involved in onboarding improvement.

All new employees need special attention when joining an organization or when changing position. But all employees do not require the same onboarding programs. People hired for a short or defined period of time, such as interns, apprentices, on-the-job-training candidates, contractors, etc. require a specific onboarding approach: HR professionals and managers have little time to properly integrate them, train them, and improve their readiness. forMetris designs innovative solutions for New Talents and theirs managers:

New talents

  • Apprentices
  • Interns, trainees
  • Gen. Yers

  • New permanent employees
  • New temporary employees


  • Mentors
  • Managers

Other people

  • Contractors
  • Temprorary workers
  • External agents
  • Expatriates