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La mesure de l’efficacité de la formation et l’évolution de la formation : ce sont les grands thèmes abordés par Laurent Balagué, CEO de formetris dans son interview.

Pour lancer sa série de podcast « People Insights » Cognisco, expert L&D et RH a invité Laurent Balagué à partager quelques grands enseignements sur l’évolution de la formation et la mesure de son efficacité.

“I think it’s just beginning, but learning culture is starting to become an ambition in itself. Just by developing and enhancing a positive and rich learning culture, you know you’ll be able to attract talent, and to keep them, and to have them grow in your company.”

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Quelques citations extraites de son interview

“You know what happens when a KPI goes up? Everybody raises their head and says, ‘It’s because of me’. And when the KPI goes down, they turn their head and look at their neighbour. So, you don’t want to be trapped in this kind of relationship with your business partners, focusing on business outcomes.”

“Continuous learning programmes – programmes that are spread across weeks and months – average a much higher impact than short one-shot programmes.”

“It’s very disturbing for employers because what their employees expect [from training] is to maximise their value on the job market, to make it easier for them to change jobs tomorrow if they’re not happy. But it’s a reality: the only way to keep and grow talents is to accept that game.”

“I’m actually a big defendant of the Kirkpatrick scale and the Kirkpatrick vision, and what’s beautiful is its simplicity. I always recommend to my clients, for their first discussion when [internal clients] come with a need, and the learning programme is not even at the design phase, just take one minute to explain the scale.”

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